Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nigeria, To Be Or Not To Be? Running Towards 2015!

Congratulations Nigeria! I hate to say 'I told you so!'
Truth has been murdered in your public square.
Jonathan's government is looking very much like Shagari's. Oh! forgetful Nigeria, is Umaru Dikko not a senator even today?! Let me remind those who are aware that he once said, as a serving minister under Shagari, that not until he saw Nigerians scavenging food from waste bins would he believe that poverty was in the land, back then. Shehu Shagari was neither here nor there, but the world was an easier place to live in than today. 
Jonathan is also a 'free-for-all' ruler, and looters are having a field day. By the time he is done with Nigeria, you will not have much left to call Nigeria. Wouldn't that be in 2015? The year prophesied by an American that Nigeria will no longer exist?! Is Nigeria not running towards fulfilling that prophecy? 
If Nigeria wants to live, she should get OBJ off the back of Jonathan. The Chief is pulling the president like a puppet. Why are you burying your heads in the sand, oh foolish Nigerians?! Do you not see the usual trademark of Obasanjo in all that has transpired lately?
All probes will end up against Obasanjo, if they are allowed to run their full course. Whichever side you are on, and everyone really needs to take a position on goings-on here; the Yorubas should make up their minds if they will not interfere with exposing, disgracing; and if it comes to it, destroying the man that is known to have publicly declared "no one will tell me how much to sell my oil!" The man who appears not willing to let go the reins of office perhaps until he dies. The man is Chief Olusegun Aremu Mathew Obasanjo. 
Enjoy your bumpy ride ahead! 

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