Saturday, October 20, 2012

That Justice Be Not Miscarried!

Any Good Men Left In Nigeria?!

I have been assimilating the information being unearthed on the above national tragedy and, in as much as it would seem suicidal to hold a contrary opinion to the bandwagon, I do have a number of things to say so that justice be not miscarried on the issue.
In my mind, when I considered the likely length of this submission I was discouraged. But when I also thought that a lot of people who feel differently about all the hue and cry being raised on the matter would probably do nothing and thereby let more likely innocent people be sacrificed in satisfaction of public or bandwagon sentiments. So, I am going to write as briefly as I can and expect you to think through the rest.
1. The Police should not have so self-righteously immediately bundled the arrested people to court. I imagine that no legal representation would have been found for the accused people, nor thorough investigation made. Their lack of thoroughness accounts for the embarrassing conflicting public statement they made before findings revealed otherwise. What makes them so sure that they, the Police, should not be joined in the suit as encouraging the act when it was in their power to stop it.
2. The NBA's protest is a clear ground for a plea of mis-trial because they are seen to have espoused the notion that the Aluu community have done an indefensible wrong. I am not a lawyer, but my sense of natural justice and fairness tells me that such a sensitive professional body should not have allowed itself to be propelled by emotion. The lawyers that are going to be in court all belong to the NBA. You might as well go ahead and hang those people without trial.
3. What has been the standing relationship between the 'Uni Port' and the Aluu Community. The University administrators, the police and the community members would dispassionately throw some light upon this from historical records. I say this, because one does not just wake up one day and see fire burning. It would have been festering, smoldering over a period of time until that opportune spark! Is there a history of the Aluu Community suffering some form of loss, abuse or threat to life suspected to be from the student community. What did the authorities do about issues and complaints that may have risen between the students of the school and this particular community, as well as others also around the school? You see, if justice had been hard to obtain in the past, it would frustrate a people into taking the law into their own hands. What makes for harmony in society is if we can get fair redress for wrong suffered. Where this is absent, society turns lawless and it would be unfair to punish any one for the omission or failure of system.
4. The Students of Uni Port also committed a crime - arson. It does not help dispensation of justice to excuse one crime while condemning another. In the light of fairness, the students would be deemed to have extracted their own pound of flesh! Although it did not bring back the dead, and innocent people may have suffered the subsequent loss; they have taken the law into their hands nonetheless - the same offence. Why is everybody keeping mute over it, the Police, the NBA, the Press. You are eager to show your kangaroo court to the world without genuine investigation. Even though nobody bothered to video the burning of the property at Aluu, we know that it was done by the Students. Should they not be arrested too and speedily charged to court? That is why we have a system failure in Nigeria. Justice must be black or white, no shades in between! And I was beginning to think  Mr Mohammed  Abubakar was a finer breed of officer.
5. Parental Failure in the Land.  
My genuine condolences go out to the mothers and fathers of the lynched young men, but I came across a telephone conversation between one of the mums and a certain TV station where she owned up to knowing the other 3 young men as friends to her son. pretty much like they were family friends, they took their friendship home. The boys followed themselves to death. Why did all four of them go to make a demand on one man? Seems to me like a threat party, gang-style  They threw a stone from a glass house and got it back! Possibly they have been carelessly indulged by the parents without check, till the fatal moment. What a pity. We should not spare the rod on our children for, on the day of reckoning, it might make the difference between life and death, as in this case. Four jolly good friends, but none with the good sense to escape the lynch experience. It also brings forward the need for us to pay attention to the company our children keep. How could all of them suffer such fate if something is not amiss? No matter how affluent or lacking you may be, your world is not in isolation to society. We must all conform, accommodate and respect the rights of others in the world.
I really think the mother under reference missed the issue. She seemed to think that because her son has a room full of i Pads and gadgets that makes it preposterous that her son was accused of stealing laptops. It's very much like saying 'I bought an helicopter for my son, how can he think of stealing a Honda car?'. I actually heard her say '... do they even still use laptops these days....?'  Meaning it's worthless for her level. So the lowly owners should be grateful that her son and friends ever considered  relieving them of such offensive burden!  It's thinking like this that probably misguided her boy. Parents should mindful the life they live before their children because our children become us ultimately, unless God intervenes.
6. What is the outcry about? We have been willing to look away while people are being kidnapped for ransom  which are often paid; while the armed services do nothing.
We have always looked away while government officials embezzled monies meant for projects that would save lives or make life more livable  And we just settle for making TV talk shows out of them. What are these four un-lived lives worth against the many who die unaccounted for from such unprovided services?
Was it not four months ago that about 170 lives perished from a plane crash in Lagos, but we have so quickly looked away and it is back to life as 'un-usual', if you allow me.
Lamely and weakly, just like our president, we have accepted that the group, Boko Haram, should as it pleases them target and bomb to smithereens any of us they take a liking to during religious services, especially christian. Commentators have said they are politicians. And I say, wouldn't it have made sense taking their war to the politicians, particularly the ones in office!
We live in a land where duties are required of us, yet the most basic of rights, right to life and safety , is not guaranteed us by the state. But we look away!
Just before the Aluu killings, 40 plus students were called out by name and executed in a polytechnic in Mubi by unknown gunmen. And we looked away. What makes it right for them to die, and not these Aluu accused?! At least the 4 were accused before being killed. What was the case against the Mubi 40?
I think that those who are feeding fat going through the pretense of running our government do not want to accept they have no control over the land anymore for that would mean their giving up their ceremonial offices and all the easy life.
They don't love Nigeria. Are we too blind to see that? But I pray that the spirit of our fore fathers will rise up and wrestle  our land and life from these strangers who are pretending to govern the land.
The government schemers know how to take advantage to score a political point. Killing a few innocent lives to assuage public anger is nothing compared to the ones that they have already allowed to die so that they should continue in the foolery they call governance.
Other than the Police men who shirked their duty, if anything should be done to anybody from Aluu it should be after finding such a person guilty beyond absolute reasonable doubt!

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