Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dr John Omoniyi Dara Is Top for the job of the Nigerian President

Nigerian politicians are all claiming to be agents of  change but who really are the true change agents. Incumbent, Dr G E Jonathan has since shown himself to be no different from all the others. Indeed he is just another politician after votes for whatever it takes.

However, the debates which Dr Jonathan cowardly avoided has brought previously unrated candidates to the fore. One of them is Dr John Omoniyi Dara of the National Transformation Party ( N T P ). Now if the people of Nigeria really want a change, Dr Dara is a man I would put my money on. He spoke of specific strategies which he would adopt to solve the nation's problem as per the NEDG debate of 29/03/2011.
Dr Dara is the change agent we await. I hope the people of Nigeria would see through the propaganda of the ruling party and see their option which has been made very clear now, more than ever before.

From the self-debate or forum which  Dr Jonathan attended 30th march, he showed himself to be a ' company man' He kept saying  his party would do this and that. He did not seem willing to think out of the box. And that is just what we need now- someone who will dare to step out of the usual way of doing things. Should we have the misfortune of  returning the incumbent President to Aso Rock we would have signed away again our next 4 years as a nation. Worst part of it is that the lives that are being killed daily for which no action has been taken by this government to stop would likely become a common place thing.
The ACN man Ribadu brings nothing really to the table other than mere wind and sound. Rtd. Gen. Buhari has not been able to show us he has anew song really, and too bad the man he could have used to sell himself to the nation, Pastor Bakare also avoided their much needed debate.
Prof P O Utomi  of the SDMP had a tie with Dr Dara for the job of the nation's president, however unfortunately Prof Utomi  was reported yesterday to have asked his supporters to vote for Alhaji Shekarau
probably being convinced that his party did not have the geo-spread required. However, I feel he gave up too quickly. Those who are looking for the fresh man for the job sre spread nation wide and would have seen or heard the debate.
Dr John Omoniyi Dara is therefore the man for the job of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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