Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Land in Need of Patriots!

 When a nation is adjudged to be a toddler after being in existence for years long enough to be looked upon as a matured person, if it were a human being, it is not to be  just glossed over. There is hope that a toddler will grow and develop in the course of time, given that care and nurturing will be provided. If a nation however is said to be a toddler at fifty years of existence it is a situation of despair. Why? Well, for one the machinery of state would have been set in motion  and taken root and would be hard to stop its rolling. It would be hard for people to agree to go back to the drawing board to make corrections, especially with opportunists and sycophants looking to capitalise on system failures. So, it is a state of profitable chaos for the opportunists.

Our dear, but late nationalist Fela Anikulapo Kuti sang 'Food, light, water, road'. Basic necessities of living, things taken for granted even in some African countries not as endowed as this land is, are what we still spend our precious lives seeking till we drop dead in the course of it.

Harnessing the Power of Vision

Vision is a word easily under rated. The ability to envision is such a great power men have not fully grasped its importance. Most educated minds do not get round to using  the power of vision to solve their problem, how much less the uneducated. Every man who wants to succeed in life will succeed, not because of education, true. But every man who wants to take charge of the affairs of a people should be educated. Not education represented by just the show of paper certification, but one attested to by the acceptable working of the person's mind. And the person should be capable of having and using the power of vision.

This green land remains nothing but a green land to all still, notwithstanding that skyscrapers are rising up all around us daily. Those charged with planning our collective experiences as a people cannot SEE where we ought to be going. They cannot see the components of a tomorrow that is not yet made present so they cannot take us there. Can someone go to where he does not know how to get to? It's your fault for asking him to take you there!

We can only blame ourselves for our lot as a people. Do we as individual citizens practise envisioning. We are the way we are because we have left our minds unattended to. We are accidents. We should be thankful we even still exist. These days, people think up their fate and work it out into manifestation. People see their experiences before they get into it.
The rulers of this never changing green land have one common vision for certain. They SEE themselves having access to A LOT OF MONEY that nobody would ask them to give account of. Even the uses to which they put the looted money show an alarming level of brainlessness!

Does It Matter Who is to be Blamed?

I would be uncomfortable if a professor was to be the head of government, much the same as I would be were he a stark illiterate. This is not just because he might have 'doctored' his credentials but rather for our lack of controlling institutions. The rulers of this land have always been bigger than us, bigger than the institutions by which they emerged. We have rulers with superstar status and privileges, so nobody is able to check them once they assume office. We are yet to find a leader for this grossly abused land.

For lack of any idea as to which way to go, a lot of opinion leaders have always found it convenient to blame the military for the way we are today. I believe that that aspect of this lands evolution has been over-flogged. Lets move on for God's sake. Let those who want to go on stealing steal and get out of the way so those who have ideas of what to do can get on board.

Am I being sarcastic? No! You want to charge the rulers of this land for misappropriation? It will take forever. There are very few who would not be indicted. And some will let it degenerate to a tribal witch-hunt and turn it into a fiasco. No. Leave what has been done alone. Let those who can change things take over.

Who Should be in Power?

For me, anybody who can do the job, anybody with a vision and the heart to actualise it. Anybody with a vision and who can articulate and share it with us and let us decide whether it is where we want to go too. That person should be in power.

These, as yet faceless individuals, for the most part, may be old or young, familiar or yet to be known, and may be of whatever religious inclination but of an acceptable professional calling. As long as the person can see a beautiful picture others cannot see yet, and is able to dream dreams others would call impossible at present, that is  the one being awaited.
This person may be of any gender, tribe or social status for all we care (permit me to speak for you all children of this land). The persons don 't have to be university dons, but should be skilled in solving problem and keeping promise.     

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