Thursday, July 15, 2010

Re : Zain Nigeria 'Wake Up A millionaire' Promo- Insider Dealings?!

Hi All,
I just thought you would like to know how things went with Zain. Well, throughout the second day that their terms and condition required them to try and contact me I DID NOT HEAR ANYTHING FROM ZAIN. NO CALL (missed or otherwise), NO SMS, NO EMAIL MESSAGE to the effect that they were obligated to contact me for my winnings. That was on Wednesday, 14th July. So, I said to myself, 'they would try again on the 3rd and last mandatory day that they are required to contact me'.
Was I disappointed!? Big time. Thursday fizzled out, morning through night. And NO FURTHER ATTEMPT WAS MADE BY ZAIN NIGERIA TO CONTACT ME. 
Still, ZAIN NG should tell us who owns this number
0808 000 0000
and how come after getting me the first day it ceased being on Zain's Network.
Yet they continue to inundate me with SMS to text WIN to 222. One of such SMS I got on the 15th inferred that
"...would you just be sending texts  (responses) while others take what you deserve..." As if I could do something to them other than what I am doing right now.
 Integrity The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality 
Still with my points standing now at over 4,400,000 and knowing that ZAIN lacks the integrity to keep her promise; ceasing to participate further might just be what the culprits of this crime want me to do.  So, I am just going to go on and give them a hell of a game, spend my money and give them an overwhelming score and leave them to wrestle with their conscience the rest of their lives.
The final take from this is that despite all the propaganda an organization executes, its character and disposition will never be different from those of its workers and administrators at any given point in time..

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