Thursday, June 10, 2010

IBB Must Know Something We Don't Know!

In the early days of IBB I stood up for the man so staunchly that I fell out with a very very dear friend, a mentor as it were, because he was inferring ulterior motives to IBB's actions. I could be said to be a naive christian young man believing the scripture that requires me to not speak evil of the rulers of my land.
Now, IBB has been through a lot in the years since June 12, 1992 and he has grown wiser. He has kept from telling us why he annulled the purported best election we have ever had in Nigeria. I am a person who seem to have been condemned to reason, so I have these takes on how I read IBB:
  • IBB is a soldier and a statesman - by training he is indoctrinated to keep and protect state-sensitive secrets to his own hurt and to take actions, however distasteful, towards the general good of all in the long-run. Since a lot of us aren't militarily minded in this country it is hard for us to understand.
  • IBB is not a fool. He knows he is up against public opinion, yet he chooses to stand before us. As we say here, he could not be expecting juju, if any, to catch all of us. By this I mean that surely he has an information that when released to us will probably show him forth to be an angel. Don't forget we knew him as 'maradona' - a master strategist. 
  • IBB does not need to return to power. Obviously, uncannily we have learnt to live with what he 'supposedly did'. He has gotten away with it and he does not need to re-expose himself to public gaze to restart the mud-slinging at him.
  • So far, in the history of the world, I believe that the military institution has always been more nationalistic than others.  As a result of this, I'll rather give a man who has been programmed to defend me with his very blood the benefit of doubt.
  • If IBB is known to have stolen money, he has more than enough to not want to come back for more. Money is always the catch, isn't it? I sense a higher and deeper purpose to IBB's campaign to return to power. Let us hope we will not unwittingly cast away our 'messiah'. As in the affairs of men, God has been known to use the most unlikely vessels. Thank you!

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