Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Killed this Snake.....Is it Deadly?!

We had some anxious moments in my home on Sunday, two days ago. Like play,... like play, the rain poured without let. The day before, a tipper which brought me granite for the decking of my building had wrecked one of my gate pillars and excavated the concrete culvert over the gutter in front of my premises.
When the rains came, and flood filled the gutter to the brim, the water sought outlet through the cracks and faults on the culvert and emptied into our compound. This snake which appears to have made its home under the culvert at the entrance to my gate was dislodged from its hiding place; and it swam into my compound unnoticed. 
Thanks be to God, who had mysteriously earlier led my wife to go out to the street to see how the flow of the gutter was going. She was the one who hollered at me from without " A snake at the gate!"
I said, "It'll go away, let it be!"
But when she said it was wriggling under one of my cars, I paid attention. I went and closed all the opened doors to the house. I had opened them down to let out the water which had flooded the rooms. The present house has a very poor structural error - standing at below street level.
She saw where the snake was but I couldn't, until it again made to swim out of the gate to the outside. I was relieved that I would not have to encounter it. I would have let it go. But, when it stuck it's head out the gate it turned right back into the compound and went under a nearer car to the house. Feebly, I threw a broom I was using to sweep water from the veranda at it; and it wriggled to the gate again and turned right back. It came and positioned itself, looking to dart into our house. My thought for my children taught me what to do next. I can't imagine that devil in my house. I threw something at it, anything;..... I don't remember what!
My wife sighted it at the entrance of the gate attempting to wriggle over a broken concrete slab making  to go hide at the far end of our compound. If it got there it would dig in, I knew. Somehow it seemed the spirit of David entered me and I reached for a nearby shovel and threw it at the snake like a javelin. It slit it close to the head and it went limp. I was then emboldened to get closer, and I further slashed it into three other segments and I saw it bleed red. Instantly, I scooped the whole length of it up and threw it out the gate on the culvert over the gutter. I did not know it still had life in it!
After about an hour, I figured I should go take some photos of it. When I did not see it where I had dropped it, some neighbors told me it had not died, that they had to hit the head with stones and sticks. When I heard that, I decided to ruin its head with my shovel which I brought along. Strangely the snake was still alive - its head, it's severed trunk, its dismembered tail-end - all were still spasmic. I had to use the shovel to cut and cut and cut it afresh before it finally gave up its ghost. I would have burnt it, but as everywhere was wet I gave it a watery in the flood flowing through the gutter.
What was this snake? What type was it? How deadly was it? Is it possible it was teleguided to come harm me or my family? If  you know something, please comment to let me know.

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