Saturday, January 30, 2010

The boy who tried to Bomb the World on Christmas day !

Hi All,
Good to be connected to you once again. Happy new year 2010 to us all. I bungled my system settings towards the end of last year which prevented it accessing my host. Well, I stumbled upon the error and made corrections and here we are again.
Say this with me, if you please
I shall excel in every aspect of my life, in Jesus' name .
Say this daily as frequently as you can and you will see wonders done to you. Please, I do not mean to drag anyone into any religion here, but as President Obama said to the Republicans about the need to be bi-partisan for the good of the people, I say let us too be open to receiving from groups other than our own whatever will better our lives, adding to our bottomline. 
Yes, this is the year of wonderful things happening and we need to be connected to our real source to make it.
I want anyone coming to my blog sites to know that I am authentic and that you can believe what I tell you here if you find them relevant to you.
The ruler of my country, Nigeria has been away to the UAE for getting to three months now and has not been in shape to see to things around here. So I apologize to the whole world and to America especially for the Nigerian-born spoilt brat who tried to make us all cry on Xmas day. Please, I speak for my President when I say we are sorry and assure you that our nation, in spite of our disagreement hate and condemn such attempted acts in all its facets. Here, we love life, we are not suicidal. We keep going doggedly in the face of all odds just to stay alive here. Taking our own lives is never an option to be considered. While I regret the misunderstanding manifested by my President's officials regarding the understandable measure you took regarding Nigeria, I know that my President would appreciate the measure taken by you. We at our own end here have begun to see better what you dread concerning the many strife going on here and there, and even before my President returns to assume his duties fully, his officials have begun taking steps to put an end to the frequent up-rising and destruction which we believe informed your present policy stance on us. Finally, I want the world to know that no matter what we may seem to the outside world, Nigeria values life and its sanctity and would never become terrorist inclined. What we have here is a situation where opportunist criminals are taking advantage of the human face of the state, pretty much like a child daring the father to wield the stick! Here, as we believe also most of black Africa, we tend to let reason weigh the outcome of punishment e.g if a father accidentally kills one of his sons as in the case of the sexual healing music star. Here, we believe the act is enough punishment for such a father, and what purpose would be served by making his wife a widow too, having lost a son by her husbands hands, and making the remaining children fatherless just to do the bidding of the written law! The man has more than enough to carry through the rest of his days, and his family still needs him regardless what shape he is in right now. This is how Africa sees justice. We do not condone evil, we just do not throw the child away with the bath water. 

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