Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a case of not understanding Maths !

Not too long ago Transparency International released it's recent ratings of corruption plagued countries.
Nigeria was dropped from the 50th to the 132nd position ( or there about).
Ordinarily, that was a good thing. It meant that some other countries had gotten better than us at corruption and corrupt practices! Good thing for us as a country, not so ?
But do you remember what happened, how the Nigerian media and Government officials went on rampage protesting against Transparency International that it was an adverse ranking and that they'd like to know how they arrived at the rating!?
While they carried on I was holding my breadth, shaking my head and hoping someone close to them would stop them before they make an international mess of themselves.
It must be the biggest Nigerian media goof of the year 2009.
Clearly, these people are so closed-up that they input their own meaning to whatever you say regardless of what you are really saying. A classical case of one responding before a speaker finishes.
It is dangerous to leap before looking, and particularly it reveals how badly we are at mathematics today in Nigeria. And that explains how our government at all levels could be spending so much money without obtaining proportionate values in return from recipients of government monies!
Or perhaps it's a Freudian slip that they are actually looking to be rated as the number one corrupt nation of the world! That'll be the day!

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