Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PHCN, This is Robbery!

It is bad enough that we don't get electricity to use as and when we need from Power Holding Company of Nigeria, but it is a gross abuse for them to discard the legitimate meter reading taken by their field officers every month and replace it with estimate billing just so that they would achieve their revenue expectation.

Every business owner knows that you'll need to sell more to bring in more revenue, barring leakages. It is fraudulent for PHCN to make customers pay for electricity when they did not supply it. This abuse has been going on for as long as ECN through to NEPA and through to PHCN. One is concerned that as PHCN is looking to be handed over to private owners, this obnoxious culture of taking money without giving value should not be continued.

It is robbery when someone or an organisation forcibly takes money from me purportedly as payment for goods or services which they did not, nor would subsequently provide to me.

Our politicians misuse our national wealth without remorse, and inefficiently run government agencies, like PHCN, are used to further rob our pockets of our insufficient spend-ables. One of these days somebody will have to pay for this injustice!


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