Monday, May 10, 2010

Now we know

Let it not be said that I did not pay my last respect to the late president of my country, Alhaji Musa Y'ardua. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Yes, he was a gentleman. I do not understand Hausa a lot, but I deduce that y'ardua means child of prayer. Ironically prayer seem to have failed him when he needed it. A lot of people prayed in Nigeria, ....prayers of the unrighteous lot. Nor, did practical efforts like seeking advanced medical intervention help too. Unless his demise was systematically programmed and scheduled to meet up with the agenda of the power brokers in the ruling pdpNeed I say more.
The moslems would typically resign everything to the will of Allah. But with due respect to them, God never desires anyone's life to be cut short. Especially, not if you are being looked upon to do the kind of tasks awaiting late Musa's attention. No. God never yanks you off your assignment the way he was taken off his. God is not unrighteous! He lets you round up his assignment to you!
Again, without meaning to be sarcastic or heartless, did the man really die on the day they said he died? They kept us, the simple people, in the dark about what really happened with him that rarely would you see a citizen who really felt his death. He was long dead to us......, long before they told us! And, now we know, we have nothing to feel. What a way to take down the memory of a good man!
Well, Hajia Turai, Ma I pray that you and your family be given strength by the God you know to bear this loss and to move on. It is indeed the ultimate sacrifice you, your family and your late husband have made to our country, allowing him to dare try to make sense out of the terrible mess we have been in for long, even though you knew he was so frail. His life ebbed out while attempting to grapple with the mad-house political and economic realities of our land. No greater love indeed, I should say, can any man demonstrate than to lay down his life for his country.
Quite a number of Y'ardus have died for Nigeria thus far, and Nigeria, what shall you become.....?

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